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Sailor Otome needs someone to hold her hand in Touchstarved!

Like my credit score, Red Spring Studios revealed themselves to be a magical yet mysterious entity back on October 28th 2022, when they announced themselves with a promising yet agonizingly short post: It was only until Halloween night that they’d satisfy our curiosity with a small teaser and description: a monstrous romance visual novel that’ll…

Thoughtful Thursday: Romance after Toxic Relationships.

As always, I’m late to the party when it comes to blog posting on time but for once – I’m actually happy this was happening late! At first this little blurb was to celebrate fluffy, decadent romance as an older woman for the month of Feb but decided to change my mind in the middle…

Holiday Tea: New stories, familiar faces & discounts!

Happy Holidays everyone! Did everyone get their shopping done yet? You’ve only got a few days before Christmas! And even if we don’t believe in Santa anymore (or think that, like Tuxedo Mask, there’s a hot man hidden under a costume) we can still snuggle up to a good story. Which favorite otome/amare game do…


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