Tuesday Tea: Untold Atlas!

Watching my favorite movies recently has struck with me a sense of wanderlust; the Lost City of Atlantis, the Road to El Dorado, and last but certainly not least – Treasure Planet! Venturing to unknown lands and chasing after danger! A shame that I don’t have a passport yet and unable to soar through the … Continue reading Tuesday Tea: Untold Atlas!

Sailor Otome Returns!

Happy Friday everyone! It’s been such an eventful few months that I’m not really sure where to begin? There’s been many occasions where I’ve wanted to write but any moment of “free time” suddenly became “nap time” and it became clear that I needed more rest! Moving into a new apartment, working overtime, health issues, … Continue reading Sailor Otome Returns!

Thoughtful Thursdays,

Happy Thursday, everyone! I’m sorry everyone for disappearing for a few weeks like that. I just recently recovered from my last doctor’s visit so I’m up and ready to start writing again! There might be a few complications in between depending if I’ll need surgery in the future but at least this time I’m going … Continue reading Thoughtful Thursdays,


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